Wonderful, friendly service and good facilities

A beautiful place, with a great host and employees. We received a warm welcome and friendly answers to questions about local things to do or try. Breakfast is delicious, and the chefs are very friendly. We were very close to restaurants and shops and our favorite beaches, Praia do cachorro and da Conceição.

Comfortable rooms, if somewhat small, and friendly reception, garden and a little cafe for breakfast. The location is close and convenient to shops and restaurants. Our host Josi was amazing, helping us with all sorts of things over and recommendations about atv in cozumel Mexico, such as booking trips, printing documents, and carrying our luggage!

Josi and her team went out of their way to help us enjoy our stay. Access is a little tricky as it’s off the main road, but that seems to be the norm here. Highly recommend!

I just came back from Noronha, and after looking for more than 2 months for a nice “pousada,” I booked “Del Mares,” directly with the owner, Pedro Henrique. I’m so glad I did and stayed with them. Service is fantastic! Pedro is always taking care of his guests, and he took me back to the airport himself. Breakfast is amazing!

I thought it was going to be like American continental breakfast, and I was so wrong. The pousada had bread, juices, tapioca, a variety of sweets, fruits, tea, coffee, ham, cheese and around 4pm they were always serving desserts and a drink for the guests to be able to socialize.

The room is cute. The bathroom was small but beautiful! Thank you so much for making me feel home, Pedro. I will be back and for sure will stay with you guys again!

A/C worked great. The staff were amiable and fun to talk to about island life etc. great cooks as well – I had my first tapioca with cheese here. The manager is also friendly and knowledgeable and helped with booking the island tour as I wasn’t sure what I would do (the scuba diving was inevitable). Altogether I enjoyed my stay and looking forward to a more extended visit.